3 Rocks Rapid on the Arkansas River

Our Engineering Team

3 Rocks Engineering, located in Cañon City, Colorado, offers our neighbors high-quality civil and structural engineering services. Our team is dedicated to caring for the community in every step of the process. 


Alex Ewers

Alex and his wife, Andrea, started 3 Rocks Engineering out of a desire to use engineering to serve our neighbors (both near and far). Alex originally came to Cañon City as a raft guide between college semesters and met Andrea at a local Bible study. Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking.

Derek Dippon Headshot

Derek Dippon

Derek is an integral member of the 3 Rocks Engineering team. He has lived in Minnesota and Oklahoma but now chooses to live in the beautiful state of Colorado. Derek says that his favorite part of his job is the ability to be a part of building something greater. Outside of work, Derek loves to spend time with family. He is also an avid hiker, hunter, fisher, mechanic, and cook!

Doug Fourtner Headshot

Doug Fourtner

Doug was born and raised in Cañon City. We're thrilled to have his unique in-depth knowledge of the people and area on our team. He is passionate about his job because he believes it is an incredible opportunity to help people through construction-related projects. Outside of work, Doug is also a pastor at a local church and loves to spend time with his family, especially in the great outdoors.

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Harshitha Venkata Reddy Headshot
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Pablo Bolanos

Venkata Reddy 

Jonathon Fleck

Pablo is a valued member of the 3 Rocks Engineering Team. Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, he moved to Cañon City to work for 3 Rocks Engineering. His favorite part about his job is that it addresses the essential needs of human beings like water, housing, wastewater treatment, etc. Outside of work, Pablo loves to spend time with his wife Kathleen, and his two sons. He also enjoys playing soccer and mountain biking.

Originally from Bengaluru, India, Harshitha moved to Cañon City after receiving her master's in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University. When she was little, Harshitha used to accompany her dad to construction sites. She always enjoyed seeing how homes and other structures were built. Harshitha's favorite part of her job is helping people build their dream home safely and ensuring that it is structurally sound. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking and watching movies.

A fantastic asset to the 3 Rocks team, Jonathon is originally from Minnesota. Jonathon chose to become an engineer because he loves being able to serve the needs of others with his skills. His favorite part of working at 3 Rocks Engineering is the opportunity to work with Alex and the rest of the fantastic team. Outside of work, Jonathon enjoys exploring the incredible world we live in and spending time with his family.

Hannah Green Headshot

Hannah Green

Originally from Fremont County, Hannah is an incredible team member within our organization. After discovering that she had a natural talent for designing houses, she decided that she wanted something a little more challenging, and her position at 3 Rocks was the perfect fit. Outside of work, Hannah loves to read and watch the beautiful sunset behind the mountaintops.

Joey Gauna Headshot

Joey Gauna

Joey is from Cañon City and grew up in the construction world, as his dad owns a local construction company. Joey loved the drafting classes he took in high school and was so excited to see that we had an open position. He is an integral member to our team, making things work together. Outside of work, you can find Joey dirt biking, snowboarding, mountain biking, rafting, or doing anything else outdoors!

Jackson Spencer Headshot

Jackson Spencer

Living in Colorado Springs, CO, Jackson is a fantastic team member who commutes to Cañon City every day to work here at 3 Rocks. Jackson’s favorite part about his job is the opportunity to be analytical. Outside of work, Jackson is an avid film photographer and spends any spare time that he has exploring outside. 


Van Riper

Brooke Van Riper is an outstanding addition to the 3 Rocks Engineering family. From Cañon City, she loves everything about this small town and does not plan on going anywhere. When Brooke is not working at 3 Rocks, she works as the children's director for a church in town; when she is not working at all, she enjoys spending time with her horses and spending time with her family.


Zach Strickler

Zach was born and raised in Canon City and grew up in the construction field. The construction experience he gained from a young age, alongside his coursework, has helped him to understand structural engineering on a foundational level; and truly enjoy his job. Outside of work, you can find Zach at the gym, spending time with family and friends, or practicing his singing for auditions!  

Brooke Johnson Headshot

Brooke Johnson

Originally from Alabama, Brooke Johnson is an amazing addition to the 3 Rocks team. Brooke and her family chose to settle in Cañon City because of the Arkansas River. She loves the rafting and hiking trails that Cañon City has to offer. Outside of work, you can find Brooke exploring with her family. Whether it's hiking, mountain biking, or playing on the river they are ready for the adventure!


Alec Cantley

Alec is the newest addition to the 3 Rocks Engineering team. While Alec never envisioned himself working in the engineering field, he has found 3 Rocks Engineering to be a great fit. His job at 3 Rocks allowed Alec to move back to Fremont County to be closer to family. When Alec is not working, you can find him at church, spending time with loved ones, watching sports, or eating food. 

Cara Kelley Headshot

Cara Kelley

Cara is a great asset to the 3 Rocks Engineering Team. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she dreamed of living in Colorado and moved to Cañon City after college. Her favorite part of working for 3 Rocks Engineering is the community that our staff has and the ability that it gives her to be creative. Outside of work, Cara loves to hike and spend time with friends and family.