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Innovative people passionate about serving our neighbors


Challenge and community bring our diverse group together to creatively solve problems and improve the lives of our neighbors. We are dedicated to giving back to the community, maintaining a healthy work-life balance in a fun work atmosphere, all while producing top-notch solutions and pursuing innovative ideas that made us become engineers and surveyors in the first place. 


Before applying to 3 Rocks, here are 4 important things you should know:

Values – 3 Rocks was founded on the values firmly rooted in the founders’ Christian faith. We want to hear our team talking more about what’s right rather than what’s easiest, how to benefit others rather than benefit themselves, and how to improve rather than just get by. Please review and ensure that you are aligned with our values prior to applying. If you are invited to an interview, please be prepared to be asked about the company’s values.

Climbing That Ladder – We try to compensate our team very competitively and believe that we do that well, especially considering most of our employees rarely, if ever, work overtime. If your number one goal in life is to make as much money as possible and climb the corporate ladder as quickly and as high as possible, we recommend that you do not apply here. We would much rather you spend your weekends and evenings being with your friends and families doing fun things like climbing at Shelf Road rather than climbing the corporate ladder. We encourage growth at work in a way that is healthy and sustainable for everyone and happens because we’re all growing together.

Loving Our Neighbors – When asked, Jesus stated that the greatest commandment is to love God and that the second is to love your neighbor. It is your choice of whether you will choose to love God but if you work here, we expect you to love your neighbor. 3 Rocks does this by giving back to our communities financially, through how we treat people (even when they don’t treat us well), and how we serve people inside and outside of our office together.  

Working With Our Team – Our team is awesome. They put others above themselves, they use what they have been given to help others, and they often get along so much that they hang out with the same people in and out of the office. We’d love to talk to you about being a part of it and hope that if you join our team that you’ll seek to develop relationships with your teammates that go beyond mere coworkers.


CAÑON CITY, COLORADO | Located just downstream of the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. The Royal Gorge Region is home to 52 miles of single-track mountain biking trails, Class I to Class V whitewater, rock climbing with 1,148 climbs (in the Shelf Road area alone), low cost of living, and is considered the "Climate Capital of Colorado", allowing you to enjoy these activities for longer! 

BUENA VISTA, COLORADO | Also located along the Arkansas River above the famous Browns Canyon National Monument and nestled next to the Collegiate Peaks. With this location, just about any outdoor activity is located in close proximity to this quaint town in Chaffee County! Beyond the outdoors, Buena Vista offers something for everyone from boutiques to incredible dining to festivals and more.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO | Well-known for its iconic attractions such as Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods. Colorado Springs offers just about everything from the outdoors to city life with its many trails, parks, and open spaces to museums, golf courses, cultural and historical sites, shopping, and fine dining. Known as Olympic City USA, Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado but still maintains its friendly atmosphere.


We hire awesome people that share our passion for our communities... and it helps if they have the technical skills we're looking for. ​If you don't find the perfect fit for you below in our open positions but are interested in working for 3 Rocks, contact us anyway! 

Open Positions

Professional Land Surveyor (PLS)

Project Surveyor

Survey Crew Chief

Survey Drafter

Civil Sector Leader (PE)

Civil Engineer (PE)

Civil H&H Engineer (PE)

Civil EI

Structural Engineer (PE)

Structural EI

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